Precinct Organizing


Goals:       Get out the Republican conservative vote.

Get out the Conservative decline to state vote.


MyLiberty will be coordinating Saturday precinct walking/phone banking every weekend before the June 3 primary election.  We will also mount a similar effort for this November’s election.

There is an excellent map of the San Mateo County precincts at this link.  The precincts are not as big as you might think but you will need to expand the PDF about 100% to  use the map.  Contact the project coordinator Carole Robinson for a list of all registered voters in your precinct or the one you are interested in. The list has name, address, phone number and registration party or DTS (decline to state). 

Our primary goal is to be in contact with all Republicans and DTS.  We are not trying to get die hard liberals to change their minds.  We might, however, influence a few DTS who are on the fence.  Those we feel will vote our way will be encouraged to do so.  Many people feel Mitt Romney lost too many who preferred him but weren’t enthusiastic didn’t both to vote.  We need to keep the House and win the Senate in 2014.

If you would like to join this effort contact Leonard Stone at this Link.

Last update date  4/25/2014