Elections 2010

The following sites provide November 2, 2010 election results:


National: http://www.politico.com/2010/maps/


California: http://vote.sos.ca.gov/


San Mateo County: http://racetracker.shapethefuture.org/summary_results.aspx?page=3

MyLiberty is partnering with Independence Caucus for the Elections of 2010. ICaucus is a grassroots organization working to 
elect Citizen Legislators who are loyal to the Constitution, and are committed to fiscal responsibility. 

"A Citizen's movement to take our government back from the "Big Money" Special Interests groups..."

We encourage everyone to go to the Independence Caucus website and watch/read their 12 articles. You will find out just how far and unrecognizably the federal government has morphed - for the worse - from the one "Of the People, by the People, for the People"  established by our Founding Fathers.

And we especially encourage you to JOIN so that you will be DIRECTLY involved in choosing candidates. 
The following two paragraphs sum up the mission and method of I-Caucus:

"Independence Caucus has a well defined candidate vetting process with includes a set of 80-principle-based questions, which we pose to all potential candidates. We believe that this is a job interview, and that the primary reason we have so many people in office who have not represented us well in the past is because we have not vetted them properly.

The Independence Caucus is a citizen's movement to take government back from the big money special interests. As a group we focus on unseating the incumbents in office who are fiscally irresponsible and who refuse to uphold our Constitution. The group is non-confrontational and non-partisan, and focuses on fiscal conservatism. While there are many issues at hand, the issues really don't matter right now because our representatives are not listening to their constituents—they are doing whatever they want. For that reason, we focus on candidates' principles rather than the issues. If they are principled, they will do what is right and they will listen to their constituents and follow the Constitution."

We have found that neither the Democrat nor Republican party in San Mateo County can be trusted to nominate candidates that reflect our principles or hold our values. It's time we take matters (peacefully, of course) into our own hands!

Vetting candidates begins with their willingness to undergo the process. First they are given a written questionnaire of 80 yes-or-no questions. If they answer 80% "correctly", they proceed to the next step, the telephone interview. A recording of the interview is made available to all I-Caucus members, and after they have listened to it, they vote for the candidate they prefer. The candidate that gets the most votes is endorsed by I-Caucus for his primary/election.

At the moment, I-Caucus is concentrating their efforts only on State-wide and National offices. We feel that it is equally important that local races and candidates be covered, therefore MyLiberty is creating a similar vetting process for them.

MyLiberty will be contacting candidates (referred to us by our members or other interested parties) who are considered likely to share our Principles and Values, who are Constitutional Conservatives—who believe in Limited Government, Individual Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility.

We will be using the I-Caucus questionnaire as the first step (with permission, of course), and we will be interviewing the candidates in person at our bi-weekly meeting, and the attending members will vote on endorsement.

We hope that everyone in San Mateo County interested in electing common sense Constitutional Conservative candidates will get involved in the process. 

Check our Calendar of Events regularly to see when we are interviewing candidates.