San Francisco Bay Area Patriot Groups
San Francisco Bay Area 9.12 Project
Inspired by Glenn Beck, the SFBay 912 Project is a group of highly motivated, patriotic, concerned citizens. We have meetings in Walnut Creek, Pleasanton/Livermore, Santa Clara/San Jose, San Mateo, and San Francisco. To see the 9 principals and 12 values that describe the program, go to 
If you are interested in coordinating another location, please contact MSMECO.

SF Bay Area 9.12 Project is the Coordinating "hub of the wheel" for all 9.12 project groups in the S.F.Bay Area. 
Serving as a place where people can interface with one another about Tea Party events and exposure, and exchange ideas and information consistent with our shared principles while furthering our goals.

Bay Area Patriots organize Tea Parties in San Francisco & Marin County

The North Bay Patriots is a non-partisan, grass-roots political movement focused on re-establishing dedication to our Constitution as the guiding document for Federal, State, and Local government policy. 
Believing strongly in local political participation, our goal is to elect and support individuals who follow our country's founding principles and values, and to vote-out those that do not. 

North Bay Patriots organize Tea Parties in Napa County

Silicon Valley Tea Party Patriots
A non-partisan movement aimed at bringing limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the free-market principles that our country was founded on back to government. It’s time to stop the politicians from spending money they don’t have, stop them from mortgaging the future or our children, and to force them to actually read the legislation they sign. We simply want to bring reason back to government.

Silicon Valley Tea Party Patriots organize Tea Parties in the South Bay