February 10, 2010


Some of you may have received emails or invitations from

Please be warned that according to two separate sources, among the things this group wants to do with their vaunted California Constitutional Convention are: 

1)  reverse Proposition 13  
2)  eliminate the currently required super-majority vote to raise taxes in the California

From all reports, they are Liberal Progressives who are tired of the "restraints" under which their agenda has been forced to labor in California (blood shooting out of my eyes!)—but they are masquerading under the banner of "populism", hoping to use the popularity of the Tea Party Movement to gather support.

Be careful of these posers.

At least one member of the Executive Committee of the Bay Area Council of which this group is an offshoot, donated $2,300 to Obama for American in 2008: Michael A. Covarrubias.

As you can see here: by searching his name for '08.

I do not think his idea of "repairing" California is our idea of it.



February 7, 2010


Hello Patriots!

This is an URGENT call for anyone who can spare a few hours to help John Denis' campaign gather signatures to get him on the ballot in  Nancy Pelosi's district. He is seeking to send the Speaker packing!

Conventional "wisdom" pretends that Pelosi is "safe", but those who know something about it suggest that she is not nearly so invulnerable as the fringe media, and her propaganda machine would have us believe.

If you can help....please email Barry at:  and he will set you up!

This is a critical campaign, and he needs every hand he can get.

Please try to squeeze in a few hours for the pleasure of being even more amazing than Massachusetts!



February 4, 2010

CRA - Registration Announcement 2-4-10

Time is Running Out for CRA Members to Purchase "Early-Bird" Discounted Package for the 75th Anniversary Celebration & Endorsing Convention Attention CRA Members:Register today and take advantage of the special "Early Bird" discount package - a savings of $136 over the non-package price! Deadline is midnight on Monday, February 8th. Register Here

February 2, 2010

Senate Conservatives Fund's Latest Message

February 1, 2010

North Bay Patriots Alert

"Talk about arrogant and out of touch with We the People!

Our state legislators are moving ahead with a bill to have a Single Payer, government run healthcare system in California. Read more about it.We must call and Fax every day. We stopped this in Washington we can stop this here in California.

Tell the Assembly to vote NO. Be sure to contact your Assemblyperson and theGovernor, and as many other legislators as time allows (especially Democrats). If you’re not sure who represents you, click here.

Tell the Governor to veto this Multi Billion dollar plan that California can not fund. It will lead to the destruction of the best health care the world has known..Universal Health Care JUST SAY NO! Veto this Bill..!"

Terry Tomasini
Director of Communications
North Bay Patriots

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