MyLiberty is dedicated to the restoration of Constitutionally Limited Government at the Federal level, and the establishment of state/local government consistent with the principles of the greatest Individual Liberty, the sanctity of Private Property, Fiscal Responsibility, and a Free Market Economy. We seek to effect these goals peacefully through education and the power of the vote.

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 If you live in San Mateo County, California, MyLiberty is your Patriot group!
Join us and become part of this historic movement to...

We the People, are gathering. In all corners of the nation, from all walks of life, economic classes, religions, and races, we are coming together as Americans to defend traditional American Values, to honor and keep American Traditions and stand against a growing, intrusive Imperial State and a corrupt political class.

We know that the Founders' Republic of limited government, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, a free market, and Constitutional rule of law has made The United States of America the greatest country in human history.

And we are determined to preserve America's greatness by restoring those principles and our Constitutional Republic.

MyLiberty is dedicated to that mission.

We have realized that all the myriad problems we face in our country, especially those that threaten our liberties, are merely symptoms of a single fundamental problem: a huge, bloated, out-of-control, unconstitutional government. 

Whether the problem is bad schools, illegal immigration, confiscatory taxes, government bankruptcy, fiscal irresponsibility, violations of property rights, civil rights or Second Amendment is the direct result of government that is too big and too powerful; one that has exceeded its Constitutional mandate and legally enumerated powers: exactly the opposite of what our Founders established and precisely what they warned us against!

It's time We the People restore our Constitutional Republic with its Constitutionally Limited Government!

Our organization, like the Liberty movement itself, is growing faster than we ever expected. People, even in this Liberal mecca of the San Francisco peninsula, are awakening to the fact that our land and liberty, and the very American Idea are at stake in this epic battle between the forces of freedom and those of tyranny.

Join us in returning our nation to its roots, its founding guarantee the blessings of liberty to those that come after us. This is our moment. We didn't ask for this fight, but we have joined it. And we will not retreat nor surrender.

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We meet the first and third Thursday of every month please check the Calendar of Events for location and time.

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